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We offer you the creation of a template directors’ report that meets your specific compliance obligations if your business is crowd equity (crowd-sourced funding) (CSF) funded.  The template will meet the legislative requirements applicable to your specific business.  We help you through the compliance maze by generating a template that has the ‘headings’ and categories of information that you need to populate.  We also remove the requirements that are not applicable to you.  We can provide this template in .docx or .pptx format. 

We offer a standard service using document automation to self-service the creation of your template directors’ report through a guided questionnaire.  This will be suitable to simpler business with a straight-forward organisational context. 

We offer a premium service based on an interview during which we can discuss any specific requirements for your business.  We will generate the template based on the information you provide during the interview. 

We offer an extended premium service in which we help you to formulate the full content of the directors’ report and present the directors’ report in a professional manner. 

What will Pegasus Legal do?

We work with you to help you meet your compliance obligations as a CSF company:

If you need support in writing the directors’ report, we can provide you with further assistance – though will still need to provide the information!

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