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Renewable Energy in Queensland — Presentation with the Environmental Defenders Office Qld

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Our director Gerald Arends was a guest speaker on Wednesday 24 August 2016 at an event hosted by the Environmental Defenders Office Qld.

Gerald joined two other renewable energy industry experts, Trevor Berrill, and Paul Jones of CSA Services, for a presentation and subsequent discussion of how Queensland can overcome the hurdles currently blocking the renewable energy industry from taking off, to ensure a safer climate in the future.

The event was in response to the Queensland Government discussion paper ‘Advancing Climate Action in Queensland: Making the transition to a low carbon future’ and was designed to assist attendees in preparing their submissions, due on 2 September 2016.

As at July 2016, Queensland has no climate mitigation laws or targets. The speakers’ talks were very well received and highlighted the diverse aspects of how the renewable energy industry in particular can be assisted to allow transformative improvement on climate mitigation.

Gerald’s presentation drew from his experience in the solar industry spanning more than 20 countries and discussed the success factors that were present in other markets. He also looked at specific issues in Queensland law that could be earmarked for law reform.

The EDO will make available a copy of the presentation at www.edoqld.org.au.

If you wish to discuss this topic further, or would like assistance with your submission to the Queensland Government, please contact Gerald Arends.

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