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Federal and State Funding for Renewables – it pays to be organised!

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We have recently been involved in a number of successful funding processes in the NSW Regional Community Energy Fund (Round 1). We have been asked by some of our readers what we do support projects through this process.
By Gerald Arends and Swati Johri

Over the years we have been involved in many ARENA and state-based funding programmes for renewables in Australia. Most recently, we have helped to usher 3 of the 7 successful projects through the NSW Regional Community Energy Fund (Round 1).

Success in this grant funding processes depends, to a large extent, on good preparation and clear presentation of the project. Our experience has shown us that there are 4 key stages that potential grant applicants should keep in mind when considering making an application under a government grant programme.

Continued market intervention

Many Australian renewable energy projects have depended – and are still depending – on State and Federal Government grant funding.

Over the past 5 years, there has been a heavy focus on mega-scale projects. This focus on large projects has done little to ensure the industry can stand on its own two feet. Coupled with the relatively small size of the Australian market, means that continued market intervention remains – for the time being – a feature of the Australian renewable energy industry.

This has also had an unfortunate effect of giving this nascent industry the opportunity to learn and build skills on small-to-midscale projects where there is a high-level of repetitive process.

Four stages for a successful participation

Pegasus Legal aims to give projects the best chance of securing and implementing grant funding working with clients across the 4 key stages of each project.

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Where to from here?

Whether your organisation is looking to apply for federal or state-based funding programmes to progress a renewable energy project or technology, please speak to us at an early stage. Much can be gained by clarifying the direction of your project and application at an early stage.

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